A Dead D-Cell Battery from
Walter Brennan's Flashlight

Along life's way are the punctuations of small events. We offer to you an exclamation point, a dead D-Cell battery from Walter Brennan's flashlight. Who can forget Walter Brennan. His was a celluloid image of Black and White that struck like hoarse cut crystal.
He kept his flashlight on a shelf by the cellar steps nestled between a pair of four buckle rubber boots and an old fedora hat. In the winter evenings, when he walked the dog, first it was the boots thrown over the shoes and buckled. Then the hat, the crown bent, the edges frayed, the rumpled grey coat from a peg, and finally the flashlight, slipped into a pocket as he picked up the leash.
Walter acquired this flashlight in the 1960's while working on the "The Real McCoy's". Marie and I picked it up at a pawn shop it Brentwood. We know it's Walter's because the tag said so.

#523W1, Walter Brennan's Flashlight, $7.80





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