He walked into the drugstore a little embarassed with himself for his dress. The right shoe which always acted independently of the left had untied itself again somewhere between the walk and the movement of his hand to the knob. He cursed it, almost silently, allowing only the left corner of his upper lip to twitch briefly. Hadn't he lectured the shoe just this morning between bites of sausage? And now this, it was too much, simply too much.

How often has this happened to you? Well perhaps not the shoe but a pant cuff or shirt button? And you know, standing at the counter the clerk, the person behind you, the fish in the bowl, or the counter are staring at you wondering why you can't control your clothing.

Might we suggest embarassing moment cards? Twenty seven assorted business cards can be handed out to those who stare and offer a brief explanation. Besides the above offenses, cards include, broccoli caught in my teeth, ruptured aorta, damn, and other stuff like frosted metal.

#847F4, Embarassed, $19.95



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