Finally you're ready. The large collection of personal documents, motel receipts from the Flamingo Motel in Deadwood, ATM slips, correspondence with Bernice Ludwig concerning chicken clothing is sorted, bundled and boxed. It's all there, the usual banal offerings of discourse ready to donate to a caring institution picked at random from the back of your Public Radio membership card.

You get up, closing the manila envelope with a satisfied sigh, put down a Ginger Ale and shuffle over to the grey enamel highboy, pluck a cardboard to insert into the envelope, when. When you find that marvelous bit of board you've been saving since fourth grade, tucked in the back of a drawer has developed bent and, frayed corners. Oh my, what to do? Quietly, without so much as a second or even a third thought you squorze over to the hall closet and pull from behind those nasty yellow platform shoes a package of CARDBOARD CORNERS and repair your cardboard handsomely. Job done you collapse wearily into the flower upholstered chair collecting another satisfied sigh and resume sipping Ginger Ale.

Yes folks the product you've dreamed about is here. Remove damaged corners and replace them with CARDBOARD CORNERS using any of six securing methods. Choose, velcro, metal, wood dowels, superglue, glue gun, or our choice, 8-32 machine screws. Cardboard Corners comes complete with a large manual, attractive accessories such as glass marbles, paper clips and misplaced cats, and are guaranteed for the life of the original cardboard. Truly a must for any home owner.

#747C3, Cardboard Corners, $9.95



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