Q. Fred, enjoyed your last column, (Fall, '89).Your answer to Karla though was wrong, I'm pretty sure water is spelled water not izeks. I could be wrong though, I seem to sleep on my side a lot. My question is why do we have water? ____Michelle, Newport , Ohio
A. Michelle, I don't know, I really thought izeks was the correct way to spell water. It looked pretty good to me when I was typing, I thought the way it sounded was really neat. My friend Tom usually helps me with my spelling but he moved. If anyone has an idea on how to spell water write me and let me know. Water is wet and there's a lot of dry stuff and you need some wet stuff so that not everything is dry. _____Fred,

Q. Who invented water, is it very old, do they still get royalties?

_____Timmy, Oakdale, Minnesota
A. Oh dear. Well I looked up your question in the official rule book for Monopoly and there's also a billboard around the corner from me. I know it's older then my dog Lee and I've seen royalty checks for something called the Sound of Music. _____Fred,

Q. How did water influence the development of baseball? _____Cynthia, Quimby, Mich.
A. When I was six I went to a baseball game in Detroit. We all wore matching shirts that were blue with some sort of goldey pattern to it mom had made from a Simplicity Pattern. My mother used to have this paisley umbrella that she kept in the front closet and a pair of blue jeans she only wore for cutting my father's hair. Oh, I once ate the light bulb off of my brother's toy fire engine. We had a bag of jelly beans
around the house and I got confused. _____Fred,

Q. Is it true that water comes by boxcar from Western Ohio? Also why is it bottled and not canned? _____Joe, New York, New York
A. My friend Kevin once had a cat named Chuck hat he thought was a boy until it had kittens then he called the cat Charlene. Is bottled something like rutabaga or is it yellow, I'm not too sure. ____Fred,

Q. I’d like to replace the windows in my house with water. When I try to install it it falls down and makes a big circle on the floor. What am I doing wrong? _____Bill, East Rutherford New Jersey
A. Sally Ohmstead’s book, Waterlight, describes a way to do this. Sally suggests wrapping 100# monofilament line around the water and then putting it into the empty frame. She also recommends securing the monofilament to the frame with ten penny nails. _____ Fred,

If you have any questions or problems with concepts or personal stuff like how to open velcro fasteners write to Fred. We turn over all correspondence and Fred does the best he can. Write to Fred at: Fred, c/o Bob Hewitt 407 N. West St. Royal Oak, Mi. 48067



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