This guy I work with, let's call him Frank and place a small innocuous mustache on his lip as if he were a tawdry night club act from the 40's. talks of Gabby.

Gabby was the quintessential Western sidekick the proverbial old timer with mangy beard and turned up bill dirty torn brown cowboy hat and he may have had bad teeth.

Frank has always insisted that Gabby was a lover of opera when away from his horse and so I imagine him in summer seated at a Formica table in a sleeveless t-shirt knife buried in strawberry jelly listening to the Metropolitan Opera sponsored by Texaco and his beard smeared in a color like some enormous bee sting.

So it is we offer to you, our trusted ones this sticky jelly knife wrapped inside a baggie.

#852H3, Gabby Hayes, $7.95



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