Our coveralls are now hung on their wooden pegs in the storeroom of Wendall and Inc. next to the empty fishbowl that belonged to our guppy Herb before he passed on.

Marie and I are at home quietly lying in bed enjoying a warm glow that comes from a day of intense labor. We have spent the day over at the Lupton Aluminum Lawn Chair Museum helping its owner Tommy Lee put the finishing touches on a new addition.

The museum's a wonderful place to visit with chairs going back to the late 50's. Examples include, lounge, woven plastic, mylar and one or two printed stretch synthetics.

The museum is a popular place, especially among the over 70's crowd who enjoy dropping in and dropping down into a comfy chair after a hard game of bridge at the VFW home.

Unfortunately like a lot of museums Tommy can only display a portion of the collection at any time, the rest must be put in storage in the back room of Al's Floor Shining Store.

Marie and I have always had a soft spot for Tommy's work in preserving the best in Aluminum Lawn Chair design and this year donated a years profits from our Beet Licorice Sticks for a new addition. And so it was that Marie and I were able to spend the day finishing the new 9'x12' room. With this space Tommy can display an additional 37 chairs and have a wet bar!


-Lou Brewster





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